Monday, 2 November 2009

Invictos interview

Hello, please introduce the band, your history, line up, etc?

The band was formed in Summer2006 in a small party, we played in different places in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia,Zaragoza, Valladolid) and also in Portugal (Porto). We are four members 3 boys and one girl vocals.
You have just released your debut cd. Are you satisfied from the quality of this recording? What is the main dedication of the lyrics, which can be understood only by Spanish speaking listeners?

We think the quality is good, we find a very good Studio in Barcelona and they made a good work in recording process. The songs in our booklet CD are in English that´s very interesting for international comrades. We talk about our life, our Land, and our politic situation in Spain.

Your band has a female vocalist. Do you have many women active in the movement, which is totally male dominated?

Yes you are right, not so much girls in movement, usually are girlfriend , and only two organizations with womens work now in Spain WAU international Organizations and “Guerreras”(Warriors Female). Few years ago also U.S.G.E. (United Skin Girl Spain).

Bands like Division 250, Batallón de Castigo and Estirpe Imperial are worldwide famous, but what can you tell us about the WP music scene in Spain nowadays? How many active bands you have, any of them you can recommend?

División 250 and Estirpe Imperial don´t playing more, Batallón de Castigo practice every weekend in Madrid, they planning last gig for next year in Madrid, they are very good friends, Nowadays a lot of new bands, Rienzi from Valladolid, Brigada1238 from Valencia,Dramatic Battle & Kasus Belli from Madrid, Brigada Nacional & Impertinencia & PrisonieroN7 & Retaguardia & Legion Condor from Barcelona.

Can you briefly explain to our readers the story of the Josue Estebanez and the trail against him which is going on at the moment?

They have a big process, because two years ago fight against 80 people Antifascist inside metro in Madrid, at the moment the court said in new sentence 26 years, but the lawyer to appeal this crazy sentence about personal defending against a big group.

What is the level of political correctness in Spain? Do you have laws incriminating Holocaust denial? Do the nationalist organizations suffer police repressions?

We have the worst situation now, new laws against NS and big repressions against our political point of view, we have also in Penal Code some articles about Racism.

What is your opinion about the separatism willing of the Basks and especially of ETA?

That´s a complex subject, that´s the radical position against Spanish Government but usually kill normal people with bombs , that´s not the real fight against Spanish Governement, anyway they kill politics... left politics and right politics..., they think in a new country under Basken norms , people inside ETA suport Antifascist ideology and Comunist position. When Nationalist people make demos in Basken land always big problems in the streets.

Can you tell us about the regime of General Francisco Franco from historical point of view? Does he still have supporters in Spain?

They won against Comunist people in Civil War in Spain that´s good thing, but they take a neutral position about II World War , only División 250 was in East Europe for fighting Comunism, also Franco Government forbidden Catalonian language and Basken Language, We don´t believe in this point of view.Usually every 20 November supporters make a demo in Madrid “Valle de los caidos”, a lot of old people support this actions. That´s also complex question.

In Spain is published “Skinhead magazine” which have more than 30 issues until the moment? What is your opinion about this zine, and the propaganda printed on paper in the Internet era?

Skinhead Magazine is the best publication here in Spain, we have a good contact with this issue and support also the magazine, we like a lot collection magazines in paper of course, Internet a lot of information but we think “Traditional magazine is the best option for us” Old School Skinhead!!!

Few years ago a movie titled “Diary of a skinhead” (Diario de un skin) appeared in the cinemas. What can you tell us about this film, which claimed to be real story told by undercover journalist?

This Film based in a journalist work inside Madrid Firm, the journalist take in touch with Hooligans Real Madrid (Ultra Sur) , also the journalist write a book, but the Real History is our Real life, journalist change a lot of things and to invent a lot of dreams inside his brain... Hoollywood film for idiots!!!

What do you know about Bulgaria?

We know political party BNS,(Bojan) and we know about B&H Division (Ivo) also your personal blog Internet page, we are interested in Demos and Gigs in Bulgaria, the problem we don´t have a lot of information, we need more contact.

What are your future plans? Any upcoming gigs or studio recordings?

We are involved in a lot of projects in Spain, we support a lot of Demos in Spain and also organizing some parties for comrades in Prison, without flyers and publish. At the moment we planning small party next 9 January in Spain with some friends from Germany and Lithuania.

Thanks a million for your answers! Your last words to Bulgarian readers?

We must work all together for European Brother Hood , no more Brother Wars and we need contacts around the world for National Resistance against big Monsters , Death to ZOG!!! Barcelona-Sofia connection!!!

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