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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 6

Peggior Amico

Peggior Amico from Vicenza, were destined to become one of the leading bands of the Italian skinhead scene. They were formed in 1986 by Massimo (drum), ex member of Hope & Glory from Treviso, Ganzo (guitar), Beppe (voice) and Andrea (bass).

They started to with a lot of ideas, attitude and enthusiasm and in 1987 they recorded a demo tape with six track named “Le strade sono nostre”(The streets are ours), but few months later Ganzo and Beppe left the band leaving Massimo and Andrea the only ones to drive the band, but they didn’t discouraged by the situation, and short after, Caio joined them as a vocalist, as well as Mauro from Plastic Surgery (band from Verona) on guitar.

The band played uncompromised Oi/RAC style with lyrics full of anger and social critics which lead them in the next years to a cult status on the scene, gathering a large number of supporters and wide following.

In 1988 the French Rebelles Européens produced their 45’rpm vinyl named “Colpevole di essere bianco” (Guilty of being White) with song “Brest 88” on B side, dedicated to fight between skinheads and police which took place in this city due to gig cancellation, this gig was very important for all European scenes.

While the band played many concerts all over Italy in 1990 they released their first LP “Il leone ruggisce ancora” (The Lion roars again) out from the same French label - Rebelles Européens.

This first LP appeared to be a Milestone of the Oi! Music and even nowadays is still one of the most wanted collectors item. The album contains 11 track which one instrumental song (the unforgettable “Freiheit”) and contain some songs that became anthems for every skinhead as “Giustizia sociale”, “Lavoro e dignità”, “Con noi o contro di noi” and “Nuova Europa”.

Their second 7 inch vinyl was named “Diritto di marciare” (Righ of Marching) out in 1991 from the French label and contain also the song “Non staremo a guardare”.

After the debut LP, the band was quite busy gigging abroad in Spain, Germany, England and Czech Republic thanks also to their participation in a numerous foreign compilations.

In Italy, after the entry of Mauro as a guitarist, they played at the first edition of Ritorno a Camelot (Return to Camelot) Fest held to Foci di Montemocato near Ascoli. At this gig they released on tape the live recording from this evening.

At the second edition of the historical Skinhead Fest, held this time in Veneto region, they played with legendary Skrewdriver during their first and unfortunately last appearance in Italy, this gig will remain in the golden pages of the history of Italian skinhead movement.

Their second album named “Sulla pelle dei ribelli” came out in 1993 from the newborn Tuono Records, label from Vicenza that will give ample space for band as ADL 122, Gesta Bellica, Corona Ferrea, Ultima Frontiera, Londinium SPQR, Injustice Side and other bands from Europe as Lusitanoi!, Warlord and Division 250.

Tuono Records is still active and produces some of the major Italian skinhead bands.

The second album of Peggior Amico presents one more professional and technical sound, less connected to the dictates of classic Oi! With some acoustic additions as the first track “Vi rideremo in faccia” or in “Osa”, useless say that every single track of this milestone album is an anthem, with lyrics without compromise and with a remarkable political maturity and street attitude: songs like “Giornalisti terroristi”, “Peggior Amico”, “Non deporremo mai la spada” or “Stato di polizia” are songs that every skinhead knows by heart.

This album enjoyed a huge success in Italy and abroad making this band one of the must well known and popular in the first half of 90’s.

In 1995 Peggior Amico took part in the compilation “Fuori dal ghetto” produced by Tuono Records with the track “Fuori dal ghetto” and “Nel nome del progresso”. Bands such as ADL 122, Londinium SPQR, Corona Ferrea, Block 11, Topi Neri, Gesta Bellica and Intolleranza also was part at this compilation. Unfortunately this was the last appearance on CD for Peggior Amico, cause of this the frequently change of line up (especially on the guitar), so they were obliged to cancel their invitations to play in Italy and abroad.

The official dissolve of Peggior Amico was in 1997, leaving a vast musical and cultural heritage behind them, which is an inspiration for all the Italian skinheads band in the future.

Few years after some members of Peggior Amico had established the band ARMCO which released 3 albums from Tuono Records.

Thanks to Eros/Pisa skins for the translation

Evil Skins

Formed in the early 80's this Parisian Oi! skinhead band certainly made their mark not only as bringing about some of the most innovative music in our movement, but also becoming one of it's most infamous acts. The band was comprised of Fensi-vocals (real name Iman Zarandifar) 'Petit'Willy-guitar, Renaud-guitar, Regis 'Madskin' Kerhuel-bass and Cornette-drums. The band released their only full length LP entitled "Un Cause, Une Force, Un Combat" that consisted of 10 tracks. In 1987, the same year the band called it quits, the EP "Docteur Skinhead" was released. The band has been characterized for their offensive sense of humor and sarcasm. In 1984 vocalist Fensi was shot in the vertebrae by a punk (Laurent Jackqua aka Shark) during an altercation. Fensi's friend Oliver Burton (aka Turlut) was killed in the shooting. Although he survived the bullet Fensi was parylized from the waist down. Despite his disability the band pressed on performing live and releasing the "Docteur Skinhead" EP. After Evil Skins broke up guitarist Willy, vocalist Fensi and former bassist Bertrand formed the non-political band Teep'N'Teepatix in 1990. Many within the skinhead and punk scene argue over the validity of Evil Skins and their political leanings. The truth is complicated as many bands at this time were. Fensi is of Iranian heritage, hardly the usually WP skin, and is married with a family these days. Petit Willy went on to follow Krishna and espouses a non-violent, vegetarian lifestyle. Regis Kerhuel on the other hand is spending his time in a French prison for his participation in the killing of Maurician immigrant James Dindoyal in 1990. He will be in prison until 2025.

Regardless of people's opinions Evil Skins' music speaks for itself. They made their own skin sound, influenced countless bands and we're still talking about them today.

Source: The spirit of yeterday blog


Sturmwehr is RAC band from Gelsenkirchen (Germany), which is founded between 1993/94 by Jens Brucherseifer (guitar) and Rony Krämer (drums). Then Detn join the band as singer. They released first album “Zerschlag Deine Ketten” in 1995. Next year, in 1996. they released 5 albums, “Musik im Zeichen des Thor”, “Stimme unserer

Ahnen”, “Nordisches Blut”, “Nordland”, and “Donnergott”. Detn then left the band and Jens came as singer, from then on it was two men band. In the next years they realeased many albums, and on every album they played different style of music (Oi!, acoustic or even metal). Soon the drummer left the band and Jens continued to work as one man band.

Band is one of the oldest and best-known groups of the RAC scene. Unlike many other bands from this scene they play and the production of CD’s is relatively professional. They published until today about 20 studio albums and various best-of CD’s. The political orientation tends between nationalist and NS.


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