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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 10

Faustrecht (which means Rule of Fist or Rule of Force) is a band founded in the middle 90’s in Allgau, Bavaria and became the voice of the organization called Allgau Skinheads which was prohibited later. The first foundation of the band took place back in 1994 as a project. After 3 rehearsals band activities were
stopped again. The band „FAUSTRECHT“ was started again in spring 1995. The members of that time were: Nogge/Vocals, Michi/Bass, Pep/Guitar and Thomi/Drums. Unfortunately no one except Pep could play an instrument, so there was one year of practicing first. At the same time we were composing songs also, so after this year we recorded a Demo-Tape called „Geächtet“ („Banned“). It was released in March 1996 and became a big success for us. It sold over 3.000 copies. Unfortunately it was banned in summer 1996 because of one song and is not available anymore. Because of that we had big troubles with the German Law. Because of the big success of the Demo, we decided to do a Debut-CD. We signed at Jens Pühse Label and released our first CD called „Blut, Schweiß und Tränen“ („Blood, sweat and tears“) at the end of December 1997. It became a real big success for us also, it sold nearly 20.000 copies till today. Unfortunately it is not available anymore, because the German Law had also problems with that. After that we released our following CD called „Sozialismus oder Tod“ („Socialism or death“). This was in March 1999. We are not really satisfied with this one, cause the sound did not fulfil our expectations and the songs were not really finished. It sold over 6.000 copies. 
In 2001 a second guitarist joined the band. His name is Markus and he was also the man who gave the name to our band. With him we recorded our last CD called „Klassenkamf“ („Class war“). It was released in July 2002. After that we decided to dissolve the band „FAUSTRECHT“. The reason for that was that two members did not want to go on the way we go for so many years. Also there were differences about the musical future of the band and also personal ones. Unfortunately it was impossible to find a solution for this problems, so it was the best to dissolve the band. Well, Thomi and Pep left us. But for Nogge and me (Michi) it was always clear to go on with a new band. So we started looking for new members. In 2003 two long time friends named Rainer and Daniel joined us. At the same year we started rehearsing and in spring 2004 also Markus returned to us. So we decided to go on with „FAUSTRECHT“. After some further changes in the Line-up the current Line-up consists out of following persons: Nogge/Vox, Rainer/Guitar, Markus/Guitar, Werner/Drums and me (Michi)/Bass.
CD Niemals Verrat Die fruhen Jahre was released in May 2005, which contains non- Prohibited songs from their first demo and first album, and the same year in July, Faustrecht recorded split with Italian band SPQR, and is called "Kameradschaft – German - Italian Brotherhood. Also this year the band recorded 2 songs for "The Skinheads come back" compilation. The 4th CD which is called "Ein Blick zurück im Zorn", was released in June 2006 and the 5th called -"Das Recht zu hassen" was released in august 2008. Their latest album called "Straßensozialisten", was recorded in august 2010. In October 2010 single called "S.H.A.R.P. / Nothing is in vain" was released. Despite of difficulties Faustrecht still continues to be one of the most popular European RAC-bands, and is considered to be one of the best bands to perform at gigs where we can see them often.

Avalon is a prominent English RAC band from Coventry.These severe lads started in 90’s and despite a lot of changes inside their band they continue to perform.
Some Avalon members have been involved with various side projects, including the Anglo-Canadian band Kara, and Thunderbolt, with members of Razors Edge. Band was formed in 1994 and Originally called 19th Twice. After various line-ups the band settled on Bod on vocals, Graham on guitar, Shag on bass and Acky on drums. This line-up played their debut gig at the St. George's Day 1995 concert. Acky left in 1995, Sid stood in on the drums for a short time. An early line-up included Peter who left in 1995. When they played the ISD memorial '96 concert they recruited new drummer James. Graham replaced Bod as the vocalist in late 1996 whilst also remaining the guitarist. They split-up soon after. Avalon's debut CD 'Our Honour Is True' ran into numerous problems. The German label Di-Al Records got raided by the police, which made them rather reluctant to release the CD. When they played in Germany in January 1998, the line-up included Graham on guitar and Steve, ex-Conquest, on rhythm guitar. They split-up again around 2001 because of a shortage of musicians in their local area and reformed in April 2003 with Graham on bass/vocals and guitarists Kev and Mark, who were both new to the scene, and Andy, ex-Conquest on drums. At the beginning of 2005, the band was left by Kev who was substituted by Garret who played in Germant his first time for Avalon in june of the same year. Later the band was left by Garret and Andy. So now the line-up is: Graham on guitar and vocals, Rob on bass and Steve (London Diehards) on drums.

Gesta Bellica

The band was formed in 1991 within Veneto Fronte Skinheads, a skinhead group operating in Veneto region of Italy. It has included Alessandro (guitar), Fabrizio (drums), Ubi (bass) and Pippo (vocals) since 1991. The play on August 31. 1992 at the concert Ritorno a Camelot (English: Return to Camelot) alongside with Peggior Amico, Verde Bianco Rosso and others, after which they produced a live tape of their concert. Thereafter they produce their demo-tape titled Gesta Bellica. In 1994 Ubi and Pippo leave the band and are substituted by Andron (bass)and Toast (drums), meanwhile Fabrizio becomes the singer of the band.
In 1995 at Tuono Records label the band released split with Corona Ferrea, called Tempi Moderni, and at the same label in October they participated in compilation Fuori Dal Ghetto.
In 1997 at the same label the band releases their first CD ''Usque ad inferos''( later, in 2001 it was reissued with 500 copies in red vinyl for german DIM Records) and participated in an international RAC-compilation. In 1999 the band releases their second CD ''Iterum Rudit Leo'', which was also reissued in 2001 in yellow vinyl at DIM Records. In 2004 third CD ''Ius Primae Linae'' was released.
In 2005 they contribute with a track of I ragazzi sono colpevoli vol. 2 (English: the boys are guilty vol. 2) compilation, by Skinhouse Prod. During the exibition at Ritorno a Camelot of 2006 the band announce their split up. At the beginning of 2007 the band returns to the scene with new front man – Umberto and they perform all round the Italy.

In 2011, Gesta Bellica releases CD called XX, which is dedicated to twentieth anniversary of the band.

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