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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 9


Mistreat was one of the first ever Skinhead bands in Finland, founded in 1988 under various aliases, such as "Synthetical bastards", "Sorbus sound" and "Technodeath". They released a demo tape in 1990 but later on same year their debut EP came out, featuring classics as "Keep Finland Clean", "Clean your boots" and "Skins Rule". Their style was pretty HC influenced.

Then the band recorded a demo tape which spread all over Europe (and rest of the world) like third world immigrants, except as for comparison, Mistreats demo proved out to be highly successful everywhere.

Mistreat's first proper big gig was gonna be the White Xmas in Finland 1992, supporting Agent Bulldogg, but because their singer, Muke, was arrested and kept in jail in Sweden for participating in Karl XII memorial (which turned into a full scale cityriot) the band played just a couple of numbers with a visiting guest singer.

Then they made a deal for a full LP with Gael Bodilis of Rebelles Européens, but since the contact turned too random, they had a deal with Herbert Egoldt of Rock-o-Rama Records instead, but that came to nothing as well. What a loss to those two labels.

From time to time Muke, stepped into guitar duties for a legendary Finnish HC punk band "Maho Neitsyt", this caused a lot of hysteria among the left wing losers as he also went to in studio with them and his photo was featured on their single as a full member of the band. Mistreat's long running guitarist, Arska, was also from the original line-up of "Maho Neitsyt".

So it was time to put domestic forces in action, the long running AinaSkin skinzine & video service founded an CD label which was the kick start and base of the scene to come and released their debut CD "Faith & Fury" on AinaSkin Musiikki label. Mistreat went into studio and re-recorded the whole album.
Jas was also singing the backing vocals on it. (AinaSkin would later on release the debut albums of Pig Killer and Sniper as well).

The first pressing was 1000 copies, which sold out rather quickly and just made the band more popular everywhere. Their first gig outside of Finland was going to be with the new No Remorse in Germany but riot police decided otherwise and they couldn't play. But later on same year 1995 in Sweden, they managed to play their first gig abroad and they have played pretty much in every White country since then. 

NS records that we also controlled (offspin of NS88) released their split with Kraftschlag (Mistreat's guitarist Miika played in both bands actually) entitled "Waffenbrüder" which also, no surprise, became a best seller.

The band has went through several line-ups' leaving Muke as the only original remaining member.


1990 Mistreat-EP
1995 Faith and fury
1997 The Flame From The North
1997 Waffenbrüder (split Cd with Kraftschlag)
2000 Battle Cry
2001 Ultimate Mistreat (US compilation)
2001 Beer bottles & Hockey sticks (split CD with Bound for Gloryn)
2002 Best of... (White vinyl)
2003 Unfinished Business (old songs that never got recorded etc...)
2005 Never forgive - never forget

+ countless songs on various compilation CD's.

Written by: Jäsä AinaSkin

RACmentary of Mistreat (as long as youtube allows it to be:)

British Standard

British Standard came from Scotland (Glasgow) and they started playing in 1982. The first line up was Jim Boland drums, Sim bass and Dods guitar. In 1986 Cazy played the guitar and Lorraine took the vocals duties. This was the first R.A.C band with a female on vocals. Under this line up they wrote a demo tape and some other songs like Skinhead Headlines, Bomb Scare and Smash The Reds.

The band had member change again with Midi on vocals and John on guitar (rehearsal 1993 & Last Chance songs) and they took part in Last Chance Volume 1 compilation with a new version of the old song Violence Rape & Murder alongside a brand new track called New Europe.

Midi left the band around 1994 to concentrate more time with his family.

In 1999 Barrel make the vocals for a while and after this they released the split cd together with Celtic Warrior with 5 songs. The line up was then J.C (pre-Nemesis band) vocals, Sim on bass (the only one from original line up), Big G drums (ex-Oi! Polloi and pre-Nemesis) and famous Nigel guitar.

The Last Chance Volume 2 compilation never got released due to the police raiding the Belgian recording studio and confiscating the master copies. However these British Standard songs later appeared on The Early Years cd.

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