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R.A.C. Encyclopedia - part 7

Midgards Söner

Midgards Soner is a Swedish nationalist punk / Oi! band founded in 1993 by Fabe (bass), Jim (guitar,vocals) and Robben (drums). None of them was a very good musician, but they soon attracted another guitar with musical experience and after few months rehearsals released their first single "Sverige vikingaland" - (Sweden, land of the Vikings), which was sold in around 3000 copies. At the end of 1993 they issued their first album "Ny tid" (New Era), which sold over 7000 CD, a huge number for a new group. In 1995 they released their second album under the name "Nordens kall" (Call of the North), and their songs were included in various compilations. In this album, original guitarist Jim was replaced by DP, musician influenced by metal music. In this composition the band began touring, giving concerts in countries like Sweden, Finland, Germany and Italy.

Because of the unprecedented chart success in the charts of the famous Swedish viking rock band Ultima Thule in the period 1993 - 1995, the government and their sleuth in blue uniforms decided to take the "counterattack" against those who condemn themselves as "racial groups". Paradoxically, it is not "politically correct" to blew the Swedish national flag without being blamed for fascist and racist by the "free" media and other servants of the system. The group was banned forever, although they officially announced that distinguish them from the Nazi views before the concert on 30th November 1995 (pammeta dedicated to the Swedish King Charles XII, killed in battle in 1718)

Nevertheless, the band continued to struggle and make third album "Fä Dör" In September 1999, after nearly two years of silence. DP took the position, writing music and songs.

Unfortunately the band is no longer active, but the legend is alive and their records are still being sold!

Some members continue to work on other musical projects. DP is a guitarist and singer of the Swedish punk and "The Jinx" and were part of another group - "United".


The beginning was in 1987 when four Skinheads who played in others bands formed the first NS Skinhead band, they was from different cities but practice on the drummer´s house in Mauá city region of ABC (ABC is a region on the border of the great São Paulo city – ABC are suburban industrial cities), the musical influences of band are Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and hard-rock music. The band promote National Socialism, White Pride, White separatism, European heritage, paganism, and separate São Paulo state and states of south of the country. Brazil is full of race-mixers scum, niggers, indians and communists shit. Quick Skinheads and white people of all São Paulo´s cities turn on Locomotiva fans and others gangs decline because the others gangs are full of inferior races. White Power Skinheads rules and little time after arise a band called Frente Nacional who practice on Jabaquara area (Jabaquara is a district of São Paulo city that days on this district with a great underground scene) and in the city of São Vicente a band called GSB (White Separatist Group).

Two members of Locomotiva edited the fabulous Skinzine “Raça & Pátria” (Race and Fatherland) to promote NS, the band, white separatism, racial propaganda and interviews with Skin bands from Europe and U.S.A., the skinzine cause a great impact on the underground scene and distribution are on many cities of São Paulo State, in the front cover of skinzine the words “The Skinhead Political Magazine” like Blood and Honour zine, the skinzine was Portuguese/English editions. Skinheads WP and White supremacists go to a fantastic grow and the band is the voice of movement. After 1988 central government (leftists controlled by Z.O.G. scum and yours puppets) edited a new constitution of laws. One this law say racism is a “crime” (remember Brazil is a country full of race-mixers, niggers, Indians and a great lefts influence) and other stupid “law” say the States can’t separate of federation (the country). Started the oppression against Real Skinheads and is the end of liberty expression. This is a “democracy” this is a democratic government (?) This is a big joke!

In December of 1989 Locomotiva organize the first “Rock Against Communism São Paulo” to finishing a decade with a great event (the 80´s was a fabulous decade to underground music) many Skinheads of all São Paulo state in this event and the band continue. The year of 1992 a grotesque episode in the city of São Paulo. One local alderman of city a bastard jew and the name of this motherfucker is Walter Feldman make a “law” prohibited the swastika, the law is approval by corrupt politicians, the banishment´s of swastikas in the city, a great discussion in the city was: - Why don´t prohibited the communists symbols? (oh my friend this question is for a bastard jew Feldman and corrupt politicians!). The Skinheads have reaction and many attacks against northeastern immigrants, jews and communists (northeastern is a region of Brazil full of race-mixers, indians, niggers and much poor). The central government order federal police to capture members of Locomotiva and Skinheads (police here is only puppets of red government) in this epoch much Skinheads stay in prison. After a small time the Skinheads are free and the band finish, but the legend is born! Rebelles Europeens don´t edit the album of Locomotiva (Rebelles Europeens a French label was closed) and years after another label edited 6 songs on a CD, is the end of glory days of R.A.C. (???).

Across the years many bands with good ideas arise, bands like: D.A. (Defesa Armada) is not a Skinhead band but are separatists, anti-communists and proud São Paulo with a girl on vocals – GSB with a new name Brigada NS is a good WP band and edited a good album – Comando Blindado good skinhead band anti-communist – Stuka is another good WP Skinhead band from São Paulo for me the better words made by Stuka and Zurzir after Locomotiva – Sindicato OI is a normal OI band from Jabaquara district in São Paulo. The problem with “normal” OI bands are the words, singing only about beer, football and street fights no political ideas similar to punk bands but Sindicato OI is a good band – Zurzir is a NS Skinhead band from the south, members of band condemned for “racism” – Manifestho band of the 90´s another good band from São Paulo state – Combatentes OI band of São Paulo – Classe OIperária OI band with only one demo tape, the tape is very rare – Resistência OI another OI band from São Paulo – Resistência 1945 another good band of São Paulo state –Tumulto 64 good band of São Paulo – Ação NS or Nazi Combat is other band from São Paulo State but the quality of demo tape is very bad – São Paulo Reich is a WP band of São Paulo who played in I.S.D. Memorial on Argentina, Ragnarok Fest, October White Fest, I.S.D. São Paulo and others the band have a blog, active – Corrosão a southern WP separatist band – Bronco Army is a OI band from São Paulo the guys are idiots antifa, active – Doc Martens other good southern band, active – Ultimate White new WP band from the south the words is very good but the band need more practice, active – CWB OI is a OI band from the south of Curitiba city are idiots antifa, active – Mão de Ferro other OI band of Curitiba city the music of guys is ok but I don´t know if they are antifa, active – Rueiros other OI band from Curitiba the guys are idiots antifa and the music is very bad and the tape is horrible the band broken – Contra Ataque OI is other band from the south, broken – OI Ataque and Reação OI are bands of south, the guys are idiots antifa – Bota Gasta and Bandeira de Combate are OI bands with niggers is ridiculous – Expulsos Do Bar is a OI band of Espirito Santo state who is other region of country out of south the band have a nigger on his formation, ridiculous - In the north of the country have a curious band called Brigada Dos Lobos (Wolf´s Brigade) and the guys talking about your region are good words to don´t talk separatism is “political correct” but I say, why not? They need identity too! – Many bands from the past like Virus 27, Histeria or Garotos Podres and others was idiots and reds with words similar to punk bands. Well I stopped here about bands because the list is very big but I recommend to you know: - D.A. – Comando Blindado – Stuka – Brigada NS – Corrosão – Zurzir – São Paulo Reich and the “fathers” of White Pride in the music here Locomotiva. The majority of bands finish. Zurzir is a band who I like very much because the words and the music influenced by metal, Lobo Branco (White Wolf) is a great song.

In 2007 good news on underground scene, Locomotiva return (back with no bang!) after 20 years!!!The band practice with only two original members, the bass-player making vocals and a new guitar-player but the guys are old and have personal problems the band stop, is the end of the first NS Skinhead band from South America. The bass-player say to a local skin zine no possibility of Locomotiva returns. Sincerity I hope one day arise a band with the same courage of Locomotiva and I say: - Hail to the pioneers – HAIL LOCOMOTIVA!!!

Legittima Offesa

Legittima Offesa was officially formed in May 1998 by Gigi, with intent to give voice to the street guys from Bologna, particularly to the young patriotic skinheads from this city. Finally in Bologna, historical leftist and antipatriotic city, was born one nationalist skinhead rock band.

Legittima Offesa starts their project participating to the “Primo raduno Bologna Oi! – RAC” (First Bologna rally Oi! – RAC) organized by Plastic Gangsters in july 98 (Plastic Gangsters its an unknown label from Bologna that drive the band by always and produced their first demo-tape live about their first live in Bologna in ’98, after Plastic Gangsters produced also their first album named “Giorno per giorno”).

In the beginning Legittima Offesa played all over Italy, they have luck to play with bands that have a big fame in the world, and after only one year from their formation, they made their first album “Giorno per giorno”.

Too much improvisation and their small experience affected much on the quality of the sound, but the CD was very well accepted by those who love this kind of music!

Legittima Offesa had endless problems with the line up (only Gigi rest in the band) but they continued to work on new material.

So in 2001 they recorded one song (Bianco proletario) for the German label “Wehrwolf Records) that insert the song in a compilation named “This time the world”. In 2002 the recorded other three tracks for “Barracuda Records” that bring out the vinyl 7’’ named “Fratelli d’Italia”. After less one year out their second album with 11 tracks named “Skinheads a passeggio” maked by “Ferlandia Produzioni”.

In the next year they took part in the compilation S.R.A. maked by “Iberland Records” (Spanish label) with the tracks “Professore” and “Skinheads a passeggio”, after few months their vinyl “Onore e Gloria” was out with four new tracks, produced by “Barracuda Records”.

At 2005 was out the compilation “I ragazzi sono colpevoli Vol. 2” from “Skinhouse Prod.” And Legittima Offesa appeared with a new track “Vita di strada”. In the same year they took part in other two compilations. One of them is “Prezent” (from Romanian label) with the track “Professore”, the other is “De Kastelein – The skinhead pub” (from Belgian label) with the track “Legittima Offesa”.

In November 2006 out for “Barracuda Records” their third CD named “White Kriminals”, which brought enormous international triumph and send Legittima Offesa on European tour in coutries like Spain, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Belgium,…. For some technical problem they can’t play in Poland, Czech Republic, U.S.A., South America,….

In 2008 RAI (Italian radiotelevision) contact the band and propose to join in an episode of the TV fiction “L’ispettore coliandro”.

Gigi refuse at first, because the script of the episode doesn’t like to him, but after several accordances with producers that agree to modify the script in some places following Gigi’s suggestions, the band decides to accept. In the episode will put two of their songs as a soundtrack.

It’s so that the episode is broadcast on RAI 2, proving a huge hit (followed by much contrasts from usual communist organizations). The episode was the most view of all the episodes of the same fiction.

In 2008 for celebrate their decade anniversary of the band, they recorded other two songs but for some problem they can’t publish them.

The band continues to play shows in Europe and they played also in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Slovenia always with different line up.

So, after a series of live performances they composed new songs to record a brand new album.

Source: Official Band page

Translation by Eros/Pissa skins


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the guy who wrote the report about locomotiva is obviously a fucking idiot. talking shit and spreading lies about other bands, he should be ashamed. unfortunately there are lots of cunts like this in brazil, and unfortunately there are sites willing to give them the space for spreading their lies. too bad.

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