Saturday, 12 February 2011

Rare videos of Ian Stuart

In May the 22nd, 1993 the unforgotten Ian Stuart Donaldson takes a two hour ballad evening at the Heimerdinger Wood near Eberdingen in Baden Würtemberg.It's a part of the "Musical Barbecue" held by the "Kreuzritter für Deutschland".It's a unique experience for everyone!!!!!In 2011, nearly 18 years ago, for the first time it's open to the public.


Andreas J. Voigt said...


On May the 22nd in 1993, the unforgotten Ian Stuart Donaldson was invited by the "Kreuzritter für Deutschland" (from Stuttgart) to a "Musical Barbecue" in the Heimerdinger Forest by Eberdingen in the beautiful southern German State of Baden Württemberg. Ian performed two hours of wonderful "Reich and Roll" ballads. Standing on a small hill overlooking the crowd of comrades from many countries, he sang with all his heart for his and their beliefs. It was a unique, a distinctive experience for everyone.

In 2011 for the first time, nearly 18 years after this day, this footage has been made available to the public. Please enjoy the film!

Copyright © Kreuzritter für Deutschland & Andreas J. Voigt

Anonymous said...

Too bad I missed seeing this myself back then. Andreas thanks for sharing this with us.