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RAC Encyclopedia - part 2

Formed in 1988 this German skinhead band rose to the top of the scene for bringing about a very hard sound that strayed from the basic Oi! punk of it's day. Comprised mainly of songwriting duo Jorg Petrisch (vocals, bass) and Volker Grunner (guitar). Their first effort "Dreckig, Kahl und Hundsgemein" (Dirty, bald and vicious like a dog), gave the band a huge skin following and caught the mainstream media's attention as well.

Before long Störkraft had become a media sensation for their right wing leanings and publications like the “Der Spiegel” newspaper carried interviews with the band. Storkraft managed to sell over 100,000 records which is unheard of for such an underground band. German journalist Klaus Farin had this to say about the band's success "A third-rate amateur rock band that previously was virtually unknown in schools and youth clubs, went so within a few weeks at least three major appearances in talk shows, could populate hundreds of newspaper columns, and illustrate a dozen TV magazine articles, and now in virtually any 14-year-old this country had understood that he is necessarily a record of this, had to obtain ultra-hard 'band, he was not out to be. " They were a lightening rod for controversy and great songwriting, which made the band stand out among their peers. In 1990 Störkraft released their landmark album "Mann fur Mann" which launched the band further into the public eye and controversy. The 1992 album "Wikinger" showed the band tone down it's political content and make an album with a much more acoustic, folk feel. Also featured on the album was a cover of Symarip's classic 'Skinhead Girl' which served to further distance Störkraft from their right wing label.
Not long after the band was put on trial under Germany's strict free speech laws toward suspected right wing activity. Along with manager Torsten Lemmer, Störkraft was forced to defend themselves against accusations of Nazism and promoting violence. It was not long after that the band called it quits in 1993, but not before releasing a farewell EP “Mordbrenner - Ihr gehört nicht zu uns” (Murders, burners, you are not one of us) inspired by the events of so called “Barbecue im Rostok”in August 1992. This EP featured a cover of the Angelic Upstarts' 'Brighton Bomb' with new lyrics by Störkraft. They titled the song 'Morder ohne Ruhe' or 'Murder without regret.' The song denounced the racial violence outbreaking in Germany at the time and had special significance due to the band it was coming from. Singer Jorg Petrisch went on to record an album call 'Störkraft Solo: Jorg und die drei bagaluten' or 'Jorg and the 3-man band.' Guitarist Volker Grunner acheived success with the non-political Oi! band 4-Promille until they disbanded in 2007.
Source: "The Spirit of Yesterday Oi"


Storm is Swedish WP band founded in 1992 in "Nodinge-Nol" a suburb of Gothenburg. The first name of the band was "Raskrig" (Racial War), but changed their name to Storm in 1993, and in the next year they record their first album - "Hell Seger!" (Hail victory). In 1996 was released their second cd called "Is it too late?", followed by "For Blood and Honour" in 1999. Their best album came in 2002 under the name "Levande Historia" (Living History), the title comes from the name of the Swedish educational institution which is brainwashing children in schools with stories about the Holocaust. Two years later is released their album "Terror state", the name was chosen because the cd contains many anti-Zionist and anti-Isreali songs, which makes the Storm blacklisted by the ZOG. Their last full album so far is "Frihetens Första Dag" (The first day of freedom) which was released in early 2007. Also the band has participated in various compilations like "White pride World Wide" vol. 2, "Nordland" vol. 3 and 5, "Rights for Whites" and many others.Band was involved in three split albums: with German bands Freikorps (1995) and Spreegeschwader (1998), but also with Hysel (2002). The only remaining founding member is Kenneth on vocals. In 2007, Storm decides to stop playing, but they have promised their fans to record two more albums in which should be collected their unreleased tracks.

English rose

A Coalville (Leicestershire) based Oi! band, formed in 1987. Originally called White Aggression but months before their first concert they changed their name to English Rose when it was realised a Swedish skinhead band was using the same name. The original line-up was Jonesy, vocals, Mick on guitar, Dean Porter on guitar, Spen on bass and Blakey on drums. Jonesy and Spen had both been in Oi! band British Born. Porter didn't last long in the band. This line-up recorded an eight-track demo, which was sold on the scene and sent to a few labels. The label that showed most interest was Rebelles Europeens and after a few letters and phone calls a deal was struck to record. The first release was a single called 'Proud Nationalist Warriors', which was released in 1989. The next recording session was also for Rebelles Europeens in which four songs were recorded. 'Warriors Of The Rose' and 'Stop The Invasion' were released in 1992 on the 'Last Chance' compilation album. The other two tracks 'We're Back' and 'Justice-There's No Justice' were meant for volume 2 but it was never released. By this time Mick had left the band and a new guitarist was found by the name of Guiness, he played a handful of gigs and started recording the new album 'Never Be Silenced' before leaving the band following an incident with a gang of immigrants and a spell in prison. The album was completed with the help of former guitarist Mick and released by Rebelles Europeens in 1992. The band was out of action for a while until along came a local ex-punk called Steve. Some practice sessions were arranged and the result was a new CD called 'The Flame Still Burns' released by German label Skull Records. Steve quit, he was replaced by Martin Cross. They went into the studio to record four new songs, the first two 'You Know Our Name' and 'Voice Of The Right' were released by ISD Records on 'Blood And Honour Volume 1'. The other two tracks 'Choose Your Side' and 'White And Proud' were released on a single by French label Boha Records. This is when Martin Cross quit to join Razors Edge. He was replaced in 1995 by Dirk, ex-Close Shave. They went into the studio again to record six new songs for various labels. The first two songs were 'Feel Our Power - Feel Our Force' and 'Our Nation' and were released on the Polish label Thor Records. The next two songs, 'One Mission' and 'By Any Means', were released by Nordland Records. The last two songs were recorded for ISD Records but have never been released by them following their falling out. Those tracks were 'Cheers, Thanks And All The Best' and a cover of Skrewdriver's 'Blood And Honour'. In late '95 they split from the Combat 18 controlled Blood & Honour organisation. 1996 saw the band go through a line-up change, this time bass player Spen decided to leave the band to give one hundred percent to his wife and children. There was more studio time lined up, but this time they called on the help of Brad of Squadron to stand in on bass so they could record three tracks for 'Justice', a compilation CD to raise money for prisoners. It was released by French label BoHa Records. The three songs they contributed were 'We'll Overcome', originally recorded by French skinhead band Legion 88, 'Blood, Honour, Pride And Faith' and 'Segregation'. The band once again had a full line-up when Stinko, ex-Celtic Warrior, joined the band on a part-time basis, which turned out in the end to be full-time and it wasn't too long before the band was back up and playing live in Britain and Europe. The band decided it was time to record a full length CD, the result being 'Dreams Of Freedom'. They felt let down by the studio and the engineer. They wanted to go back and remix the songs but the studio had already recorded over the master tapes. The same line-up travelled out to Germany together in January '97 to a private birthday party and played a live set that was probably one of the best they had ever played. This set was recorded and one year later and after a bit of editing to remove what can only be described as �politically incorrect� songs and rantings, the 'Live In Deutschland '97' was released by Movement Records. Stinko later died of cancer. Back in the early '90s they travelled with Squadron to Germany for a gig but were stopped by police on the motorway about an hour after landing. They thought it was just a routine check but they were made to leave the van and strip on the side of the road. They were held for a number of hours so the gig couldn't go ahead and then they were released. One gig they didn't get to finish was in Germany as a memorial to Stinko. The police raided the hall half way through their set in riot gear and a riot ensued. They joined the anti-Combat 18 faction in 1996 and set up their own self-named label in the same year. Graham (from Avalon) became the second guitarist. But due to the departure of Chris Telford the bassist, Graham became the bassist. Their final line-up was Jonesy, vocals, Tom, former guitarist with Whitelaw, on guitar, Graham on bass and Blakey on drums. Sisco was a one-time member of the band. As of 2003 they officially became a recording project. In May 2005 Jonesy reformed English Rose with a Hungarian backing band and played a gig in Flanders.
Source: Band's myspace

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