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R.A.C. Encyclopedia

This is the newest rubric in our web blog, under the name of "RAC Encyclopedia”. Our goal is to provide you with information about the history of hundreds of bands that were or still are part of the Worldwide WP scene , which over a quarter century awakes patriotic white youth, and is expressing the views of thousands of people from Europe, America and Australia. Skrewdriver intentionally will be missed from our research, because there are already plenty of web sites and books dedicated to them... they are not just a band, but a legend. Let these articles be a source of knowledge for our young comrades, and the veterans can remember the golden years back when the music reaches us through apocryphal copies of audio tapes ( especially in Eastern Europe)which were passed from hand to hand. In the first edition of the rubric, we’ll start with the old and glorious bands without which scene would never be the same ...

Skullhead is a RAC band from Newcastle, England, founded in May 1984. In an interview for the music zine WelshLeak, from inside prison in 1987, Skullhead’s founder Kevin Turner says that he started the band as a reaction to the murder of a close friend, Peter Mathewson. The band was originally called Skullhead U.K. but soon dropped the “U.K.” Having started out in Consett, UK, as an Oi! band singing patriotic lyrics, the band joined in 1985 the “White Noise Club” of the National Front and quickly became a prominent “Rock-Against-Communism” band. When the first album "White Warrior" saw the light of a day in 1987 (released by record label Rock-O-Rama), no one suggested that the band would gain cult status in the WP scene in Britain and alongside with Brutal Attack, Skrewdriver and No Remorse would remain forever in the history of this music scene.With elements of Oi!, Rock n' Roll, and Heavy Metal, their sound was very unique for the time and culture. Unlike other British bands in those years, who have left the "White Noise Club" led by National Front and joined Blood & Honour, Kevin and the band remained true to the WNC till the end. Their lyrics were not openly racist or had NS messages, they sang about the pride of being British, about the Nordic Gods and against capitalism. After releasing two albums-"Odin's Law" (1989) and LP "Cry of Pain" (1991) traces of the group are lost. Kevin Turner left the WP skinhead scene and became ... DJ of techno music known under the alias "MC Techno T". He was working in the biggest rave music clubs in England, his mixes are included in several compilations of electronic music.Surprisingly Kevin Turner gave the band a rebirth in 2002 with all new members. They have recorded some songs and made a concert tour in Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia. Nevertheless, the band totally dropped out the skinhead image, but also addressing the media in an interview Turner said that Skullhead has never been anything more than a patriotic rock band and that only music was important to them.
Division 250

División 250, formed in 1991, and are one of Spain's first nationalist bands. This Valencia band released 4 albums, getting less politically extreme as the years went on. One of the most driving melodic bands in the Oi! scene, the lyrics usually had to do with separatism, capitalism, abortion and later on The Yugoslavian Wars. With exception of their first album "Sangre De Conquistadores" which had some pretty racially charged lyrics. They covered the music of "Böhse Onkelz - Wir ham' noch lange nicht genug" and Italian band "Plastic Surgery's Rivolta" filled in with their own lyrics. "División 250" does not play together anymore, but never said farewell, at least not to my knowledge. Lead singer Manuel Canduela is now the leader and spokesmen for "Democracia Nacional", which is a Spanish nationalist political party. Bassist Toni Ortiz went on to play guitar in the more metal influenced band Brigada 1238, before his death in October 2007.

Source: "The Spirit of Yesterday Oi"

Legion 88

Legion 88 were formed in 1984 in Essonne (South of Paris) by Dominique on guitar and his brother under the name Combat 88. Alain joined them as a singer and the band’s name became Legion 88. There were several line up changes until Fred settles on bass.

The band practice with some “Totenkopf” members at Geno’s mothers house and sometimes at Dominique’s. Everytime at least 30 skinheads would attend the sessions and it often ended up in a small gig. Vico (drummer) and Jean Jean (guitarist) of “Totenkopf” help them out when the other musicians can not attend. When Geno dies in 1986, they have joined Legion 88.

The line up (Dominique, Jean Jean, Vico, Fread, Alain) released their first EP « Terrorsites » they have played gigs in Belgium, England (St. Georges’s Day with Skrewdriver in 1987) and Brest.

Later in 1987, Dominique leaved the band (he moved outside paris), followed by Jean Jean soon after. Ptit Bruno, their neighbour of the “19 bis” in Dravel (where Alain and the others squatted at the time) and guitarist in Nouvelle Croisade joined them. In 1988 he composed a number of songs of the “Thule” album and “Legion Blanche” EP.

The band wanted to play a farewell gig before splitting up in May 1988 in Brest, but the police stopped the concert.

Source: "Tribute to Legion 88" double cd

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